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09.03.2016 23:56

In Khabarovsk it took place a fair ” Happiness because of the old ages”, the money gathered was given to the gifts for the lonely elderly people from the urban house of old people. For the guests of the fair the volunteers from the volunteer center held a master classes in baking HALS.
On 21 and 22 November with the help of Hillel Khabarovsk, our community has become a participant of the charity promotion ” Happiness because of the old ages”. This fair for elderly people in Khabarovsk is held for the first time. The teenagers – volunteers told the residents of the city what HALS are, as well as they showed by their own example, how quickly and easily you can cook them yourself.

халы2 халы
Everyone could with his own hands weave the roll and take it home. And those who were afraid of getting dirty or thought they fail, could buy ready-made HALS baked in advance by our Volunteers. The Activists also told the residents of the city and all the participants of the charity promotion about the possibilities of the communal Jewish life.
Even the cold weather has not prevented our volunteers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere of home comfort.