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20.12.2018 15:50

The Khabarovsk Volunteer Center is actively preparing for the launch of the large city project “Movie-breakfast: folk fairy tales”. This project became the winner of the Presidential Grants Foundation competition, and starting from October 2018 during the year the Center is going to arrange thematic movie breakfasts dedicated to the tales of one of the indigenous peoples living in the Khabarovsk region. The program includes Nanai, Jewish, Uzbek, Russian and other fairy tales.

In addition to watching fairy-tale cartoons, guests of the event will have the opportunity to taste national food, participate in creative workshops and make memorable photos in specially organized photo zones. Movie-breakfast will be held at the Sovkino cinema with the support of activists of the Khabarovsk national movement and the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Khabarovsk Region.

Volunteers are a very important part of this project. Despite the fact that the Center is mainly engaged in social volunteering, activists can try themselves as event volunteers. This type of volunteering is perfect for the first experience, it does not scare away and does not overload the new volunteers.